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I design electronic and microcontroller based projects in my spare time. (when I can be bothered and I haven't spent another 12 hour day at the office) It used to be Microchip PIC based, due to their compact design, availablity, and free design software. Older projects still are 8051 derivative based (usually the Philips 80C552) and the Z80 was 'the original', due to once owning a ZX 81 and Spectrum. The Motorola clan don't get a look in (no real reason).

Don't ignore the Texas MPS 430 series - they've got potential (10 years life on one lithium cell! - can't get them from Maplins yet thou). My favourite for the last 3 years now is the Atmel AVR series micros - betters the PIC series and cheaper too.

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I've currently got some test equipment manuals for sale. Click here to see if I have the manual you're looking for

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I am available for small amounts of consultancy / contract work...for the right money. However it has to be interesting!

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